Cloud transformation for Infor/M3

Cloud transformation for Infor/M3

Moving M3 to the cloud is easier than you think

Cloud solutions are overwhelmingly advantageous in so many ways. Improved security and total accessibility save money and time and changes the way we work. However, for many users, making the transformation may appear frightening, especially if it concerns such a business-critical system as an ERP like Infor/M3. We can make the transformation happen, safely and effortlessly.

Our offer

Accure is an Infor Preferred Delivery Partner, a title earned not least through two decades of experience. We have deep knowledge of all major output solutions for M3 – OpenText/StreamServe, Exstream, StoryTeller and Infor IDM. We offer full support for all M3 versions including M3CE and have expertise in Enterprise Output Management & Customer Communication Management. We operate using our proprietary Document Implementation Process (DIP). The method is proven for all types of migration and implementation projects, ensuring a structured process where you are kept in the loop at all times. Your current hosting environment is not an issue, we have migration tools for all of them, whether onPrem, hybrid, cloud or a mix of several.

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