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Our services are a simple solution to a wide range of complex problems. We enhance your efficiency and lower your costs by automating the boring stuff and kickstarting digitalization.

Accure Output Solution

Let us speed up your output management and see the  instant effects throughout your organization. Accure Output Solution is packed with features and content and is built and designed for the cloud.

Accure Professional Service

Infors experts in Output and Document Management, with more than 20 years experience in the field.


Accure Support

We support our customers all over the world 24/7.

In futures of accelerating complexity we will always strive for simplicity & efficiency.


Accure Business Cloud

Accure has been providing clients with smart business solutions since before the birth of Infor M3 (Millennium III). We manage all the core and supporting processes in your business in the most competent and secure way possible. All functions such as financials, supply chain and sales management are uniquely tuned and adapted to the specific needs of your business. Step into the future and let us manage and digitally transform the complex and configured data directly via the cloud. Accure provides you with a way of working with M3 in a cloud based solution that feels smart and easy. In that way you can stay focused on your business and how you want to run it. By reducing both real and perceived system complexity and continuously improving your business processes we make you become more successful.


Today, a three-year-old with an ipad can build a three-dimensional world in Minecraft, but it requires IT consultants to move the address bar on your invoice. Surely it’s strange though?
Finding a smarter and easier way has always been the essence of Accure. Yes, the complicated and complex has always fascinated us. But whatever happens in robotics, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, we are sure of one thing. The ingenious is to make the complex simple, easy to understand, and use. Then we can create efficient processes, reduce costs and give our customers the speed and forward motion their business needs.
Therefore, we have developed Accure Business Cloud – a smart cloud service that combines our efficient document engine with all output channels you may acquire. All you need is to plug in an adapter to your business system, then you have all the output via our cloud. New output services can easily be switched on as needed and all support and operation is handled securely by us at Accure. At the same time, your consultancy costs can be cut in half and that footer you need to update you can edit easily by yourself. Just as it should be.
Yes, we do not promise that Accure Business Cloud will allow a three-year-old to fix your address bar. But well, why not?


Accure Output Solution

The Accure Output Solution simplifies document creation and  structures it in a clear five step-process before sending it from  our secure cloud through the channel you want.

  • Receive: Multiple input formats accepted
  • Enrich: Script and format your message
  • Edit: Smart design with easy to use editor
  • Finalize: Create the document file you need
  • Deliver: Automated output via our cloud

Accure Professional Service

Accure Professional Service is the key to success. Our experienced consultants have been working with Output Management for customers all over the world for many years. Some of them for more than 30 years, and what they don’t know about documents isn’t worth knowing. We are experts at Output Management for ERP systems and have been working with Movex, M3, IFS, SAP, Agresso, Microsoft, Oracle and many more. We are specialized in Movex / M3 and we are a Direct Service Partner to Infor within EMEA.

Support service

Accure Support

Even with a mature, well-tuned software solution, support is still critical throughout its lifecycle. Our solutions, services and support deliver the competitive edge your business needs to succeed today – and tomorrow. With our wide array of comprehensive support services, we can quickly and accurately meet your demands and thus keep your business moving forward. We strive to provide streamlined, efficient and integrated support based on knowledge.
Our support is available wordwide and 24/7 to a wide and global range of customers, resolving cases quickly and cost effectively. Some of our customers want to fix issues themselves, others want to be shown how, and some prefer issues being fixed for them – we are always here to help them out, no matter how complex or specific the issues may be.


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